The DOLG camera sling

Camera sling for heavy equipment or prolonged carrying. Comfort pad included. We recommend to use with a quick-release fastening.



Цвет нити

Color pad

Comfortable and useful DOLG plus camera sling based on the tactical firearm sling DOLG m3. It meets all the wishes of professional photographers involved in the development.

For a detailed description, see the section called The DOLG camera slings.

    ✔ Comfort pad included;

      ✔ The sling is worn not on the neck, but on the shoulder over the head. This is important for heavy cameras or long carrying;

        ✔ Thanks to the fixing the sling to the tripod thread, the camera hangs the lens down;

          ✔ Using the adjustment strap, you can quickly increase and shorten the length of the sling;

            ✔ When the adjustment strap is fully extended you can shoot pictures above the crowd, or show a friend your photos on the camera's screen and even take a selfie without removing the sling;

              ✔ The sling insures the camera from falling and stealing;

                ✔ When changing the length of the adjustment strap, the sling does not move along the back;

                  ✔ It can be worn under the outer clothing or backpack;

                    ✔ The drop buckle allows you to remove the sling from under the backpack or outer clothing;

                      ✔ You can carry and use two cameras on two DOLG camera slings crosswise;

                        ✔ The sling is reliable and durable.

                        The DOLG camera slings are produced in the same colors as its firearm analog (olive, black, coyote).

                        You can also purchase the sling with a camouflaged pad in MULTICAM, A-TACS FG, A-TACS AU and EMR.

                        If you use Canon cameras, we can offer you black camera sling with red stitches and for Nikon users – black with yellow stitches. Just ask it in the comments to the order.


                        A comfort pad:
                        Strong textile fastener (Velcro)

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